The Media Distribution division focuses on a mix of print and digital services which is tailored specially to the customers’ requirements. It covers classic print distribution as well as digital and special distribution services. Together with the Content Creation division it forms the MELO Group’s media cornerstone.

_DSC0661For over 70 years the name Trunk has been closely linked to the press wholesale business in Germany. From 1945 on, Presse-Vertrieb Hermann Trunk GmbH & Co KG has been delivering newspapers, magazines, non-press products and, as of recently, even tobacco to retailers of all kinds. Nowadays, the wholesale company is the supplier of around 4,500 press outlets in Munich as well as Upper Bavaria and Bavarian Swabia, ranging from special press retailers to grocery stores, gas stations and bakeries.

By taking over the Ulm-based press wholesaler Getzkow with its around 1,300 retailers in 2013, the Presse-Vertrieb Hermann Trunk increased its distribution territory in Germany to over 17,000 square kilometers. While the German area inhabits 3.5 million people, another 8 million are being supplied daily in Austria, where the Trunk group established itself by taking over Valora’s press wholesale branch in 2012. The resulting PGV Austria Trunk, which has its headquarters in Anif near Salzburg, sells magazines to around 11,000 outlets nationwide. The daily deliveries are handled by cargoe, a logistics joint venture with the two press wholesalers PGV and Morawa Press Distribution making up 50 per cent. Over 60 employees work daily for publishers, the Austrian magazine selling retailers and of course readers. Four times a week, cargoe supplies 10,500 retailers with 3,500 different magazine titles via night-time delivery. In one year, its employees cover a distance of around 7.7 million kilometers in order to deliver 18,000 tons of press products. Another service offered by PGV Austria Trunk is the maintenance of subscriptions. In 2011, PGV Austria proved to be among the most successful companies in Salzburg by placing 42nd in a ranking of Salzburg’s top 500 companies published by the newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten”.

_DSC0612In February 2015, the Trunk group created the company Target Plus Distribution with the intention of occupying niches that had not been supplied before. By means of existing, well established connections to publishers, Target Plus is to become a link between publishers and specialized retailers. It will act as a specialist for the distribution of special-interest magazines to suitable chain-store retailers. By bringing subject-specific journals and magazines to specialist stores and thus new readers, the MELO Group taps into new target groups and sales markets, leading to an increase of sales.
Target Plus is always up to date with current events concerning publishing, media and retail in the whole German-speaking area and coordinates its distribution services accordingly. In addition to organizing all of the shipping process as well as invoicing and the handling of returns, Target Plus also provides sales reports and continuously updated sales overviews. Furthermore, its team of sales experts is always prepared to assist clients with personal consulting or individual strategy reviews.

News-Log, however, is responsible for the delivery of print media to airlines, airports and catering companies all over Europe. The Schaffhausen-based company forms a link between publishers and its clients, whom it supplies with the latest issues of international newspapers and magazines. Over the past few years, News-Log has become the European market leader in this sector. The company now controls the number of print media copies aboard all planes operated by German airlines.

In doing so, News-Log is furthermore able to cover every step of the value added chain, from purchasing to commissioning to just-in-time delivery to any desired destination. This branch of our Media Distribution division is therefore the ideal partner for airlines that want to offer their clients more than just the usual. News-Log is also always prepared to serve as a consultant on subjects such as choice of media, cost-efficient marketing events or current management information.

News-Log stands for optimized and efficient coordination in the sector of press logistics. Our expertise in this field allows us to plan and execute demand-oriented deliveries using control elements and methods based on the experience of our employees as well as sophisticated software. In addition, we are continuously developing new products and innovative services such as rack schemes for magazines, “newspaper on demand” or the reprocessing of returns.


The MELO Group’s digital marketing and distribution business is being coordinated by Media Carrier GmbH, another part of our Media Distribution division, which has its headquarters in Munich and was founded in the year 2011. Its key product is the Media Box, a technical in-house development: a virtual library that lets you download a daily-updated selection of international newspapers and magazines. Being a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), the Media Box can easily be installed anywhere in the world. The travel industry has already introduced the Media Box as an extraordinary guest service. It is currently being used in over 700 luxury hotels as well as numerous airports and as a part of airlines’ inflight entertainment systems. The Media Box is perfect for the waiting customer or guest, which also qualifies it for use in public institutions, hospitals or outpatient clinics. It can also revolutionize the information exchange within bigger companies in the form of a “digital business subscription” by supplying employees with company-relevant reading material at any given time or place. The library currently contains around 450 different titles of international newspapers and magazines.


With its international network of partners, Media Carrier is represented on most of the world’s core markets such as Europe, USA, Russia, the Arab Gulf states and Asia. Depending on the client’s request, Media Carrier compiles a selection of suitable services from its portfolio to ensure the best possible solution. Being a white label product, the Media Box can be customized completely in order to match the company’s corporate design and processes. Media Carrier handles the rights of use for e-papers as well as the Box’s technical implementation. This service includes the Media Box’s set up, the customization of its design, its integration into the wireless network and its continued development. Both client and publisher are guaranteed complete transparency by being granted access to the back-office system, which displays the number of downloads, access times, used operating systems and a ranking of the most downloaded titles. The latter shows which titles are especially popular amongst users and enables a continuously updated and even more personalized media selection.

In addition to newspapers and magazines, the Media Box library can also be expanded by the client’s own content. Advertising material or customer magazines, company news, employee information or even the canteen menu turn the Media Box into an ideal tool for sharing in-house information.


Another brand of Media Carrier is the Hamburg-based Special Places, market leader for the specific distribution of print media. On behalf of publishers, national distributors and companies it acquires display points for newspapers, magazines, customer magazines and catalogs. Depending on the target group, media is then being placed in e.g. specialist stores, catering outlets, doctors’ offices, hotels, retirement homes or pharmacies in order to reach readers and customers directly. By now the database for partner locations contains around 450,000 contacts, among whom Special Places then picks the most suitable partners for each title and target group, who then display or hand it out as free reading material or sample.

The cooperation with Special Places helps its clients to increase their reach and publicity among the target group without any losses from non-selective advertising. Other benefits are a promotion of sales as well as fixed, calculable and transparent figures concerning special distribution.

Special Places offers every service needed, including address database maintenance, acquisition of display points, commissioning and delivery as well as the creation of a final documentation of all display points. At the moment Special Places maintains around 120 titles.

Special Places also offers supplementary services ranging from the coordination of raffles, to the acquisition of addresses and data to the delivery of author’s copies.

We are currently developing our services in the sector of “product sampling” (shower gel, laundry detergents, fitness bars, and much more).  The samples will either be distributed via pre-existing channels, e.g. campgrounds, hotels, kindergartens, or presented in so-called “themed sample collections”. This service is designed for all manufacturers of consumer goods.