The term content creation has become a common phrase in the last few years. It is even a part of our logo at the Blogfabrik (engl. blog factory) – “Empowering Content Creators”. Now you may ask yourself: so the content creators are the ones behind Content Creation? Yes, kind of.


There is a growing interest among small and large companies to produce authentic and interesting online content. The term “content creation” is a rough description for the creation of multimedia content as well as the distribution of content and information.

The Blogfabrik serves as an innovative training and media centre for digital content strategies. Bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, photographers and other content creators (=creative professionals) use this coworking space to work on joint and individual projects. The affiliated agency then continues to market the know-how of these content creators.

The Blogfabrik, however, has a unique feature: its members are allowed to use this facility free of charge. In return, the digital experts jointly organize a conference – the Content Creation Week. During the course of this week, visitors can attend workshops, keynotes and discussions hosted by content creators with the intention of providing some practical information as well as an insight into the world of digital content. For the first time, the cumulative competence of the Blogfabrik is made accessible by more than 40 well-known content creators  such as im gegenteil, Vreni Frost, iHeartBerlin, KALTBLUT, Notes of Berlin, Tonspion and many more.

MELO considers the blogger generation as a new occupational group that should be taken seriously and wishes to invest in it on a long-term and sustainable basis. The group wants to learn more about the online future of working, publishing and, of course, content creation from the young micro-entrepreneurs.

Some key facts about the Blogfabrik:

  • Since 2015, about 150 content creators have developed and realized media and communication projects at the Blogfabrik.
  • There have been over 150 workshops, events and panels which discussed socially relevant topics and fuelled innovation.
  • It has hosted about 100 photo shootings, cooking classes and exhibitions.
  • The Blogfabrik has a total reach of over 5 million followers on different social media platforms.
  • The Blogfabrik has done advertorials, campaigns, shootings, events and workshops with and for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Huawei, Youtube, Deutsche Bank, CECEBA, Agrarverlag, Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV), Kress, BGA, VDZ, Senat der Wirtschaft and many others.