The Aviation Services Division unites all airport services offered by the MELO Group. It consists of the two subdivisions Pick and Pack Solutions and Airline Services. These cover each step of the value added chain, from purchasing to commissioning to just-in-time delivery to any desired destination worldwide as well as several other services for airlines that are designed for passenger satisfaction. We see ourselves as an innovative and flexible provider of outsourcing services for materials management, catering, micro-logistics (fine distribution) and much more. By offering selected individual services or handling the entire merchandise management, we allow our clients to focus solely on their core business procedures. We are also continuously working on the development of new products and services.

Making sure that a plane lands safely and is guided assigned parking position takes the combined efforts of pilots, flight controllers and marshallers. While the former two have to keep calm in order to always find the best solution in complex situations up in the air, the latter make sure that everything goes according to plan on the ground. The portfolio of Aviation Services is of a similar variety. Our clients benefit from our combination of experience, dynamism, expertise and the willingness to break new ground. It is for you to decide whether you need someone who can keep a clear head or someone you can trust with all your ground work – or both.

Our subdivision Pick and Pack Solutions equips beverage carts, duty-free carts, cutlery sets, pillows, hot towels and many other items useful for passenger and flight crew alike. In addition to these services, we also carry out the loading of planes at the airports Weeze and Berlin Tegel on behalf of our clients. Aviation Services’ numerous associated companies are specialized in ensuring a smooth circulation of the equipment as well as its cleaning. They also operate KanBan controlled warehouses with real-time inventory management.

Our subdivision Airline Services furthermore focuses on services such as visa checks, marshalling, lounge management or ground handling. Our staff supports airlines primarily in the field of security and passenger services. However, our service portfolio also includes the operation of lost property offices and the provision of sales staff (on the ground and in the air). Since 2015, our portfolio has been supplemented by a joint venture in the sector of cabin maintenance and equipment, allowing us to offer an ever wider range of services.